Commissioned work

Often wondered about commissioning a piece of art but you're not sure what's involved or how to go about it? These days commissioning art is not just something for the rich and famous, we can all do it. Most artists are just waiting to be approached and I would be only too pleased to talk you through what I can do for you.

Talking to me - no strings attached - can help clarify your thoughts and remove any apprehension or lingering concerns you might have. So even if you don't know at this stage exactly what you want, and that's not unusual, just call me or contact me. I would be delighted to discuss things with you at any time.

In the meantime you might find the price guide below useful. Here you can see at the outset what your work would cost. For the sake of simplicity I base my prices on the size of artwork you want me to paint and these are my current prices across a range of sample sizes. You can also use the table to work out prices for sizes that aren't listed. Unless you want something really unusual I guarantee there are no extras.

* Please bear in mind it can take 8-12 weeks to completion from starting, I have had to disappoint so many people because they leave it too late to order and I can't meet their deadline.

Size (cm) Painted area (cm2) £ / cm2 Price (£)
80 x 70 5600 0.2 1120
70 x 60 4200 0.2 840
60 x 50 3000 0.2 600
50 x 40 2000 0.25 500
40 x 30 1200 0.3 360
30 x 20 600 0.4 240
20 x 10 200 0.55 110
10 x 5 50 0.75 37.5